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Reduces odor / Liquefies solids / Assists with nutrient management / Improves fertilizer

Her manure can be worth $100 per year in fertilizer value.

Pro-Act Biotech's lagoon treatment allows you to get more of the fertilizer value out of manure than untreated manure can deliver. 

Get approximately $100 worth of fertilizer from each of your cows per year.

The improved fertilizer may meet your crops' nutrient needs for the year.

The money saved on fertilizer more than covers the cost of the Pro-Act Biotech treatment.


Pro-Act's Fertilizer Benefits

Untreated Manure
Falls Short

Pro-Act Treated Manure
Works Harder

More nitrogen available in a form plants like Nitrogen is not as easily used by plants. Converted nitrogen is more stable and easily used by plants.
Full use of nutrients Can't use full potential of fertilizer value Better control and superior form of nutrients gives you more complete access to them.
Nutrients available over longer period of time. Not as much long-term control of  nutrients. 3/4 of the fertilizer value goes to quick action while 1/4 remains for slow release throughout the growing season.
No crop burning Uncontrolled nutrients can burn crops Can be used directly on growing crops without risk of burning.
Buy less fertilizer Can't use full potential of fertilizer value Getting more fertilizer value from your manure reduces the amount of fertilizer needed to purchase.
Improved phosphorus control Phosphorus use is more unpredictable. Most phosphorus drops to the lagoon bottom, giving your more control.
Less phosphorus in top water Top water generally has 6-10 lbs. of P per 1,000 gal. P reduced in top water to 2 lbs. per 1,000 gal.
More irrigation More difficult to irrigate due to higher amounts of solids. Less solids mean you can irrigate easily, even through a pivot.
More bountiful crops Nutrients are less available to plants. The superior fertilizer value has been proven to result in healthier crops.




Reduces odor / Liquefies solids / Assists with nutrient management / Improves fertilizer

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