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Reduces odor / Liquefies solids / Assists with nutrient management / Improves fertilizer

Pro-Act Microbial reduces odor

The odor associated with dairy farming can be a real headache for farmers and for the communities in which they live.  For some, itís a new problem as housing developments spring up around them.  Others may have to be very particular about their timing when spreading or irrigating, knowing that it will stir up odor.  Pro-Actís manure treatment system helps you reduce odor.  


Reduces odor in the manure storage system

Our microbial mix facilitates the anaerobic degradation through the methanogenic pathway.

The top layer of the microbially active lagoon acts as an odor cap.

The addition of our patented lagoon diffuser is key to the functioning of the odor cap.


Reduces odor when spreading

When spreading, the reduced solids and lower viscosity of the treated manure allow it to soak into the ground quickly.  What odor there is dissipates in hours.


Proven results

A dairy participated in an independent study to gauge odor characteristics of their lagoon surface. They were using Pro-Act in the first year but not in the second year. The test results provided by the farm confirm that when the farm was using Pro-Actís treatment system, the odor was dramatically lower.

The smaller the odor threshold value, the lower the odor level. As you can see the numbers were much lower in 2005 when this farmís lagoon was treated by Pro-Act.

A second study, conducted by the W.H. Miner Institute, researched the effectiveness of our microbial system in 2004.  Two different experiments proved unequivocally that Pro-Act can reduce odor.  Dairy manure treated for only 38 days showed a dramatic reduction in hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).  Ammonia levels were also lower in the top water.  Equally important, close to 90% of an olfactory panel assembled by the researchers found that the treated manure obtained from the top water was less offensive.


Learn more about this odor study.




Reduces odor / Liquefies solids / Assists with nutrient management / Improves fertilizer

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