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Digester technology designed for smaller farms.

Small farms may not have the land, manpower, money or even the manure output to warrant the use of a standard digester. Pro-Actís Small Farm Digester opens the door with reliable, affordable, easy-to-operate technology.

Small farms demand more from their digester

} Where large-scale farms may focus on selling their energy output as their key digester goal, small farms are often looking for more.
} Odor control, nutrient management, reduced emissions and simply producing enough energy to power the farm are all important to the smaller farm.

An affordable, customizable solution

} A large amount of capital and extra employees are no longer needed for the small farm to get its foot in the door.
} Pro-Actís Small Farm Digester solves multiple problems by combining effective nutrient management with biogas
production, capture and use.
} The results include savings in manure processing and energy costs, with the option to profit from turning waste to energy.

From a trusted company

Pro-Actís manure treatment system is known in the industry for reducing odor and helping farmers with their nutrient management. Combining this with digester technology was a natural step.

Go green and earn green.

Now small farms can easily meet regulations while generating their own energy with Pro-Actís Small Farm Digester.

Contact us for more details on our Small Farm Digester.


Flush Water / NextStep / Flush Dairy Digester / Small Farm Digester / Separator / Phosphorus / Biogas / Other

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